Justice for Northern Ireland veterans



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Our veterans fought for you
Our veterans died for you
Now its your chance to fight for us



  • JFNIV is not affiliated to any political party and does not as a group support any political doctrine.
  • JFNIV is a pressure group with one aim, to lobby Parliament to stop the historical investigations against veterans of Northern Ireland who were previously investigated by the RUC and the SIB.
  • JFNIV does not represent any religious group.
  • JFNIV is not associated with any charity or fund raising group and we do not intend to raise funds at our marches.
  • JFNIV requests all supporters not to wear any insignia that represents any religious group, political association or charity. Only those banners approved by JFNIV will be permitted at our marches.
  • Regimental insignia including flags, berets, blazers, medals and ties are most welcome.
  • JFNIV wishes to make it clear that it dissociates itself from any individual or group who misuse our marches for any other purpose than those stated above.
  • JFNIV dissociates itself from any act of violence, verbal abuse of law officers or members of the public.
  • In the event that our organisation is subjected to abuse from members of the public we expect our supporters not to react and to march with the same discipline that they showed during their military service.
  • Our complaints and demands are directed at Parliament.